Sunday, July 03, 2011

I took a Random Tumbl on a Book Friday

I havent been blogging as much because even if I had resisted Tumblr for the longest time, the fall into the abyss of Social Blogging was innevitable. Tumblr is great for random images that do not seem to be part of a larger post, like this image of a desert settlement from some book I scanned during a library hideout.
Tumbler has a dashboard view, which means you can follow people, so their images enter into your stream and of course your conciousness. This creates a unique combination of specificity and randomness.
Somehow the desert image seemed to lead to a photograph of a photograph ofTahrir square,
logically some pyramids came next,
which I perhaps found on Tumblr itself,
endlessly reblogged through time
they reminded me of some Stanley Tigerman pyramid city
that was lurking in a book-scan folder somewhere
weirdly sequing into a drawing of the Acropolis as a Palace,
as envisioned by megalomanic King Otto

and a plan of the Palace that actually he got, which typologically was a military barracks

morphing into some fake Greek ruins from the fabulous Mexico 68 Olympics,
which was before we all realised that the Olympics are just a big construction scam
to drown dumbass countries into forever debt

and out of nowhere came this image of the Acropolis angrily exploding

then a hand sculpture peeked out from a bad scan
of an intentionally deserted post-modern plaza by Oswald Mathias Ungers
absurdly followed by an exhibition of typewriters on strange marble plinths
and gloriously concluding with some Archizoom Red Square urbanism
PS: A Fish Faucet

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