Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Athens Bookmark Timewarp

recently I stumbled upon this old book on Athens, and you know how old books are, everything looks sort of cool, like the Academy in 1900
the text was kind of complaining about Athens, like this image showing Omonia square (otherwise know as Junkie Central) "before it became a transportation hub". I guess that must be quite some time ago.
there was a map of Athens but it looked kind of boring and I couldnt tell how old it was, but the book definetly looked old.
as always, a nice plan of the acropolis as a palace proposal
then finally a date, Omonia Square in 1932,  before cars and junkies
 but then something weird. this picture looks really old too but the buildings not that old, and it says 1980, even if the photographic quality looks like from the 30s
but even more confusingly, this picture says 1986, when there was definetly color photography right? and why do the cars look like something from Grease? was it a major 1950s revival in the 80s?
ok obviouly the book not only is made to look like a much older book than it is, its also getting all the dates wrong, like these two cuties here (Syngrou Avenue otherwise known as Tranny Boulevard, in 1905? with 70s' modernist knockoffs?)

even the scans are kind of warped
a building thats probably not even in Athens

of course the cover explains everything: Athens Past and Future, (timewarped)

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