Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Buildings

We're super soon starting constuctin on two buiding renovations 
in the the Keramikos-Metaxourgio area with Iasson Tsakonas and the Oliaros team.
The buildings, after succesfully being used for the Re-Map KM project extensively, 
are now being renovated, each in collaboration with an artist, 
who has developed an approach for the so called "blind" facades of the buildings.

On Leonidou 11, Angelo Plessas' "" mural extends to the front of the building 
and becomes part, 
if not entirely all the architecture.

on Keramikou 51, two alternating shutter systems make up the facade: 
The fabric tents of the apartment buildings 
and the wooden shutters of the neoclassical/vernacular housing found in the area.
on the sides, norwegian artist Matias Faldbakken 
brings his "book scans" series to a logical conclusion: 
Scans of "dead" or inactive areas in books are placed in the "blind" 
or inactive side facades.

Team on Angelidakis studio has included:  Alexandros Papadias, Sotiris Vasiliou, Nana Stathi, Dimitris Sylaidos, Eirini Anthouli, Minas Konstandinou, Pavlos Bakagianis