Sunday, January 02, 2011

Incidents of Mirror-Travel in the Yucatan, and other destinations

"Through the windshield the road stabbed the horizon, 
causing it to bleed a sunny incadescence."

"One couldnt help feeling that this was a ride on a knife
covered with solar blood."

"Time is devoid of objects when one displaces all destinations"

"The steady hiss of the air-conditioner in the rented Dodge Dart might have been the voice of Eecath - the god of Thought and Wind."

"Timelessness is found in the lapsed moments of perception, in the common pause that breaks apart into a sandstorm of pauses." (our plane looped)

maybe we head for The hypothetical continent of Cathaysia (1971)

or Atlantis

all images from Robert Smithson's Collected Writings, edited by Jack Flam. Excerps from "Incidents of Mirror-Travel in the Yucatan, 1969)

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