Friday, March 12, 2010

Primer Proforma Pre-Bellevue

 It is not often that artists can have a museum to their disposal, to do as they please for 40 days. That is the case with Primer Proforma at MUSAC where Txomin Badiola, Jon Mikel Euba and Sergio Prego take over the museum and continuously work for 40 days
an inflatable structure snakes through the rooms

leaving behind it artefacts

and interestingly akward spaces for the visitors to negotiate
a black horse
visitors get the chance to see something completely in progress

tripods waiting for cameras

from room to room the inflatable
results in a giant pillow, that ate their studio

at another section Yorgos Sapountzis takes over the Laboratorio 987
 with a mashed-up structure containing screens and sticks and black fabrics, 
titled Pre-Bellevue
that expands to the roof to look at Leon
and here is a clip of his always great videos

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