Thursday, March 04, 2010

Eros and the Melancholy Modernism (after Supernature)

(Charles Atlas)
Last weekend we revisited the great Supernature exhibition at AMP
curated by Andreas Melas and Rallou Panagiotou

(fantastic George Lappas and Sterling Ruby)
works I'd seen before looked totaly fresh in the perfectly proportioned space
works were in discussion
Spiros Bournazos and his supernature
later in the week we bumped into Rallou 
at the jam-packed Eros exhibition at the Cycladic Museum
the spectacular artifacts depicting eros seemed 
to all be sitting on plexiglass and mirror plinths
some of them seemed angry
others didnt care
little cupid lost amongst the reflections
wannabe narcissus
after the many faces of love, we went over to EMST 
for the many faces of Chronis Botsoglou, curated by Tina Pandi
I was not really familiar with his work, 
but was fascinated by the construction of an identity
the beautifully installed paintings
 and his melancholy gaze fit perfectly 
with the fantastic spaces of the conservatory
at the mezzanine great Tony Oursler
outside, melancholy modernism 


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