Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lost in Zacharo (Kaiafas)

Running through the jungle to escape from the Others
we found food in the form of a glorious taverna
hidden inside a wild banana garden.
Private dining rooms made of vines and bamboo, where you dine under Banana roofs
and it is actually a great seafood place
owned by Mr Stratos and his son Dimitris (bronze medal in javelin, useful for keeping the others away amongst other things).
Other son Sakis was away that morning


tourist said...

this is in kaîfa before sugartown.

excelent food by the way.

enjoy the trip. you can visit anemohori as well with the abandoned summer houses.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

yes i know... but zacharo sounds better. will check anemohori, thanks

Pablo Leon de la Barra said...

Banana Paradise!!!

Andreas Angelidakis said...

club tropicana