Friday, August 21, 2009

Further Ruins on the west coast of the Peloponnese

I often heard about Olympia being a "magical place"which I always dismissed as a cliche
what is interesting about clichesis they are often based on the truth
the energy at Olympia is quite amazing,
makes you want to go into savasana and feel the vibrations
of the gently melting ruins
surprisingly made of seashells

Crossing a fantastic Dharma bridge, one returns to reality

and further ruins,

like this forgotten Xenia Motel just outside modern Olympia

overtaken by random greenery

you can almost recognize the Kostandinides detailing
cool color combos
all the furniture has already been ripped out
back on the coast, a windmill becomes a flowerpot

a bunker wants to have funthough it will probably just become a taverna
another semi-abandoned hotelHotel Arini,
part of the Kaifas lake complex

with a direct link to the other side of the lake
and the cave of thermal spirngs

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