Sunday, February 15, 2009

Found Zenetos

For the longest time I thought I had list this out-of-print book on the great Takis Zenetos

suddenly it appeared behind some other random books at my parents' place
it features some nice shots of the Electronic Urbanism maquete
the legendary project which basically predicted everything from the internet to almost the iphone (1952- eat your heart out Archigram)
the very cute Medrano restaurant project
which I think was never built

and this great drawing of the villa in Glyfada, with the surrounding rock garden

which was of course built but unfortunately demolished a couple years ago


Stratos Bacalis said...

I did not know the villa in Glyfada was demolished so recently... what a pity...

Anonymous said...

looks like a green house too, shady in summer wasnt it? i think the rooftop was wooden as i see it, i personally love open spaces on buildings like in this one, and greece being so warm a country needs not much in terms of internal space as external shades and more space for veranda :)

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