Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chez Mr Isermann

Been having the pleasure of staying
at my good friend Jim Isermann's house in Palm Springs
a prefabricated steel house designed by Donald Wexler
Sunshine swimming pool
Hello sky, hello mountains

and an unbeatable rock post box


Anonymous said...

Oh look at Angelo, he's so cute, and the Wexler home, if I'm not mistaken that's one of a grouping of 7 built by Wexler? Just beautiful.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

thats the one

Anonymous said...

it feels you are having fun guys, socratis

David Hargrove said...

My God, not a stick of furniture has been moved in that house since my last (and final) visit to PS. So strange that Riley is gone.

I love the piece Jim did at Princeton. I think he has progressed from good to great in the past ten years. And still such a sweet man.

David Hargrove said...

(Sweet because he is still generous with his mother's sublime carrot cake recipe.)