Sunday, September 17, 2006

Identity Drama

You may have recently read about Second Life's recent security drama, as it even made cover story on CNN. Somebody hacked into the database and stole members identities blablabla. On my part of the drama, ever since I signed up at SL I've still to find a good name, starting with Andreas Habsburg (ugh) to Andreas Onlyone (sounded funny at first, now just pathetically pretentious). When you sign up they let you create your first name, but the second name has to be from a list of names that they provide, and they all invariably suck. I tried really hard to have them let me use my real name, talking to customer suppeort in the various Linden Corp offices etc but no avail. Anyway, as I've posted in the past, when you get an account (and a name) you also get to design yourself, so when I first got Habsburg, I kind of tried to make me look like me only better of course. When it was to switch to the Onlyone, I had to spend a good deal of time copying myself onto a new body: This was done by logging onto SL with the two separate accounts on two computers side by side and reading the body data on the 1st account and manually imputting on the second. It was definetly sinister copying your self. Then when the security drama happened (on September 11 no less) they had to reactivate all accounts. I log onto the Habsburg account and I am not myself anymore. Instead I see a young, boy-band cute boy with strange hair and naive smile, while getting a "failed to locate body part in database" message. How boring I think, I have re-do myself all over again, but anyway the Habsburg account is the secondary one so it's not really necesary. I turn to the other PC and og onto the "onlyone" only to get the same message but this time I look like a badly tanned and older and more middle-eastern guy with, umm, tits. very scary indeed, and I fire away help messages to the support team. After a while I log back on and I am finally myself with only the skin color to adjust, as I am now rather purple.


Anonymous said...

so cuteyour tits

Andreas Angelidakis said...

haha yeah but the whole ensemble? I never thought the internet could be so cruel