Friday, November 09, 2012

The End of Design

Recently I've been teaching a class on "The End of Design"
or how design practices are affected by our copy-paste+google-search mentality.
The class is based on a series of reading that trace the shift from old school capitalism 
i.e. Modernism
We started by looking into the state of objects in a desire driven landscape
and move to the post modern condition and how it affects the citizen

 but then comes the internet, and slowly becomes the simulation of the simulation
some tiny books are there as a historical re-think
Tom Holerts' excellent proposal for alternatives to current production modes
Social public space as opposed to consumer driven public space

a precise reading on how we shifted from the modern to the postmodern to the now
with some questions on modernity and identity along the way
an interview with Denise Scott Brown, just to re-trace postmodernism back to where it began and where it made sense
a study on the idea of crisis and resuscitation as a contemporary capitalist system (Crisis capitalism? Copy Capitalism?)
more questioning of how cultural production actually works

and yet some more words from DSB. And all along trying to pin down the class subject with a continuously updated set of questions

 full texts here TheEndOfDesign 

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