Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Drop City Serendipity

Just the other day I was browsing a1968 copy of Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

and I happened on a post on Drop City,

the Colorado Geodesic Folk Phychedelia Hippe Commune
which I have written about in the past,

the article had some cute drawings, so I decided to re-post
Then a few days later an email arrives from Joan Grossman, who together with Tom mcCourt are shooting a documebtary on Drop City, and have started a KICKSTARTER page to collect funds, and could I please mention something on my site? Well obvioulsy I would!

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Karl said...

Not related to this post, tho geodesic domes are wonderful. Just a heads up to say that the link to your twitter account does not work, it would be nice to follow posts via twitter since the blog is wonderful. Keep up the good work, thanks, Karl.