Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fragments of a Road Trip

Last week we finished off a road trip that started off in Leon, went to Las Medulas, A Coruna, Santiago, some other spots and fantastic Porto. Here's a few fragments along the way:

We admired Pirate emblems and the egde of the coast of death, at A Coruna, an unexpected town
Museum of Man, designed as a rather eccentric urban object by MrArata Isozaki
atnight you can enter and enjoy the almost camera obscura shadowplay
and by the day the view just takes over
the next morning, 
an interesting looking 
elementary school
and an incredible Menir sculpture, right no the cliffs of the la Costa del Morte

a few kilometers away, at the religious disneyland of Santiago de Compostela, we lit electronic candles
next day at Porto, we notice the amazing stairs all around the city

   diner with Ricardo at La Cunha

Christ getting married to a guy? looking good indeed

great Fundacao Serralves gardens

with electric green waters
later on, grass covered favelas

Cute Mercado de Sebastido

and interesting brutalist vegetable market, with little pyramid skylights and a grass roof, all of which Ricardo Nicolau has promised to preserve

more Serralves
fantastic Casa da Musica by OMA+RE

looking good outside and in
 more great steps

and even Bunker steps by the river

a useful beach ruin
and a fragment of the walls of Porto, left there so we could dub this Bunker Beach

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Tiago B. Costa said...

Congratulations on the job and for what tabém sharing on the blog.

Beautiful pictures of our city as well. It is a curious use of the term Favela, originally from Brazil. It is curious that, while we start to learn from the interventions in the slums of Brazil, Peru, Mexico, etc.., There is still no acceptance of a Favela term in Portugal, although dealing with certain types of structures of very similar nature.