Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Temenos Report

Last weekend we went to see the rare screenings of Gregory J. Marcopoulos at the Temenos in Arcadia. They happen every few years and command a sect-like cult following.

on the way there we passed pyramid mountains
and religious hideaways
made new friends
we arrived just as the sun was settingWe learned that architect Christos Papoulias has designed the screen and surroundings: In typical Papoulias way, the place looks metaphysicaly undesigned, as if everything fell into perfect place in the most natural way. As if Temenos was always there.

We could only stay for one night of intensive Marcopoulos minimalism
on the way back, sadness
burned mountains

but the rain was evaporating from the hot asphalt, up in the magical Mainalos mountain
Konstandinos, Stuart and Angelo
passed a rainbow church
a curious control building
just when the meter hit 44444 kilometers


Pablo Leon de la Barra said...

i like your new narrative.
sad and tender and sometimes whatever.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

thxxx :)