Monday, April 07, 2008

Teleport Fargfabriken

Just back from Sweden, and the inauguration of FF Norr, in Ostersund. Teleport Fargfabriken, the first show is a massive 80-artist exhibition cataloguing the past and perhaps future of Fargfabriken, curated by Jan Aman and CM von Hauswolf. Instead of choosing the best of, Jan poured everything in the mix, weird project next to weirder project, a random history that suddenly becomes crystal clear. Back in January when he asked me to design the show, I proposed a system for Fargfabriken instead: A set of identical, universal exhibition wall modules, cast randomly about the space as a curators toy; making a labyrinth that is also minimal and a ruin or maybe austere and always whatever. Daniel Daboczy, Fia Palmgren, Matti Molin and Karin Englund spent weeks carefully putting everything together. The opening was a blast, and by the end of the weekend I saw a thick pile of that weeks' newspaper clippings, which is quite a bit for a small town up in the frozen north. Here's my highlightsthe legendary "dog" performance by Oleg Kulig (Interpol, Fargfabriken 1996), during which he attacked members of the audience, sending some of them to the hospital with real bites.

And they thought it was just art.
This piece generated one of the first mass email protests...
everybody was against it, though it looks just amazing today.Annika Larsson POLIISI
great wall drawing by Jesper Waldersten
Francois Roche R&Sie ArchitectsTobias Bernstrup and Mai Ueda performed
view of the space
explosive tube fire by Carsten Nicolai

parallel to the exhibition, the was the New World Bank conference, which brought to Ostersund Malcolm MacLaren, Noreena Hertz, Daniel Birnbaum, Bill Liao, Veronica Valk, yours truly, and many more
opening crowds
great Natalie Djurberg
Angelo Plessas

great sketch furniture by FRONT
I wanted the the place to be like a bombed out ruin, but thats not so possible when you have to inlcude more than a 100 works..
we included a model of the design in the show, and I'm hoping for future ruinations
and the super cool catalogue

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