Monday, March 10, 2008

Accumulations of Kusama

I'd been researching Yayoi Kusama's accumulations
but I mostly found some pics of her looking fabulous as alwaysthen some tulips

an accumulation couch

and some more accumulations

and a Soul under the Moon

, and they've been lying around forever in the blog folder
and I was thinking how to make this make sense,
but then why would a Kusama post have to make sense anyway?

1 comment:

miamiam! said...

η bio της με παρηγορεί....σε ταραγμένους καιρούς-μου.
Δεν ξέρω άν η διαταραχή είναι τέχνη-ή είναι ΜΟΝΟ η διαταραχή τέχνη...!xxxm