Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lakeland Florida

Somehow randomly I bumped into the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel by Frank Loyd Wright. Not really being the biggest FLW fan, but the chapel is pretty great in an almost pre-Gio Ponti way.
Then I found out that it is part of the Lakeland Florida Southern College campus, which the master designed and it is today the largest collection of FLW buildings. Here's some cool details:

covered walkways

lakes and fountains

hidden gardenswalls with colored glass tiles etc

photos from here and here and here


Anonymous said...

The fountain FLW designed for the campus was recently restored to his original design.

Last year the site was also placed on the "World Monuments Fund 100 Most Endangered Sites."

Anonymous said...

but the The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is greatest museum of all times, isnt' it?

Stratos Bacalis said...

I love FLW, I think he's my all time favourite architect. Thanks for posting this.