Thursday, January 03, 2008


Here's some pics from my piece at the "In Present Tense" exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art in AthensThanks to the nice people at PV Engineering, we were able to produce 8 of the Second Life houses. Some of the house were originally designed in SL, like the Think Tank,
(or Idea House, or Thought Bubble House.. feel free to suggest a name)
the Leopard Pyramid
the Tube House
and Terraform Housewhile others like the Cloud House,Polygon,
and Philosophy, were recreated in SL
Also included are three videos: one on Terraform House, one on some Sandbox adventure, and one on my last neighbours in Aglaia. The videos are mostly un-edited recordings, just life in Second life.


Rafael Rozendaal said...

so great!!

Pablo Leon de la Barra said...


Andreas Angelidakis said...

thxx :)

Anonymous said...


u read about the merging of all virtual worlds in one i assume, and all the fuss about the new ventures bla bla.....


Stratos Bacalis said...

Congratulations! I hope the exhibition is still open until early February, when I come to Athens!