Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Ponti Chair

Well obviously it wont be a whole Ponti week, because I'm not THAT hot for Ponti, but here's some flotsam and jetsam I picked up while searching for the churches...

The superleggera chair is an obvious one so I wont post it, but this one here looks like she's wearing tights or stockings or something and she's definetly makin an effortI thought this was real cute until I realised its Ponti+ Fornasetti, and it still looks cute but perhaps I've seen enough Fornasetti for a lifetime

this newspaper covered little bureau is definetly interesting, maybe its Fornasetti too?
and these chair-table looking things are not Ponti but made from original Ponti furniture which Martino Gamber cut-up during the last Design Miami

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