Sunday, June 03, 2007

Art Athina Shutdown

Today (I think) is the last day of Art Athina, the local fair that was succesfully (I guess) restarted this year. Here's some highlights:
Blow de la Barra's booth made super special by Angelo Plessas' MeLookingAtYou mural
and new painting by Miltos Manetas

the Athens poster (but I forget the name of the artist) at the booth of upcoming Rodeo Gallery run by the lovely Sylvia KouvaliAlso lovely Claudia Cargnel, enjoying her total Pierre Bismouth booth, Cosmic Gallery of course
in the parking garage, Nadia Argiropoulou curated the Sihroni Ellini Skini exhibition, an amazing show of the young greek art scene. There you could see: by Angelo Plessas, who was always Angeling aroundThe thunder of Callas
the bizarre and wonderful drawing/sculpture/mural of Jannis Varelas
the Yeti Lines video by Yorgos Sapoudzis

and on another floor, great pieces by Kostis Velonis


Stratos Bacalis said...

Thanks Andrea for posting these, for us who could not attend the event! Great pics and nice to see so many good artists together!

Andreas Angelidakis said...

welcome :)

Yngve said...

Dear Andreas your blog is super great and best at the same time!
Thank you!
Take a look at this blog,
All love

Unknown said...

Lovely Andrea!

The artist's name is Mustafa Hulusi.
Also in Cyprus Pavillion in Venice Biennale this year.