Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's my Life

So I was just hanging out in Solbim, on my First Land plot that everybody seems to want to buy these days. There's no more "First Lands", and it's super useful to have a plot where you don't pay a monthly fee. Anyway, I wandered over the new building that looked kind of like a concrete prison, but it is not! In fact it is a replica of the space in the "Follow Freeman" chapters from one of my favorite games "Half Life 2". Its funny to see the Urban Grittiness of Half Life 2 inside the Pop Paranoia of Second Life, and somehow it all stops making sense: Inside Second Life I find a segment of Half Life, there's nobody around, there's no-one to shoot and if there was I couldn't because this is not the "real" Half Life, it is a copy, a virtual, non interactive version of a video game. Still I can walk around the ruins as if time stood still on planet internet.

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