Saturday, March 10, 2007

Goodbye Dubai

I hardly arrived and then I left, and all I saw was the highway between the Emirates Towers hotel and the Madinat Arena hotel on the beach, and everybody says thats all there is to see. Abandoned Foia Gras station

Scary Elevator Ride, Emirates Towersa building advertisers love, looks so much smaller in reality

In Dubai, when people want to have a good time they go to the lobbies of luxury hotels and hang out at the cafes, which sounds like going on vacation in a supermarket but anyway. Still, there's something intriguing about Dubai, and I'd definitely go back. At the Dubai Global Art Forum conference I was on the same panel with the lovely Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell who showed me their fantastic book on Osama bin Laden's house, a documentary + printed blog + virtual house they made a couple of years ago, definitely worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

Abandoned Foia Gras station??? what you mean?