Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Allianz Once, Allianz Twice

On the way to the airport we passed by the Allianz Arena by the great Herzog & de Meuron, a building that has made football fans hot for arhitects (which is a good thing). I had to take a mini-shuttle and the driver was great and super fast, so I barely got a chance to look at the staium properly, especially as it was white for the occasion (snowstorm).
Inside the Munich airport, I got a chance to have a better look. I guess twice of a good thing is even better... What's really interesting though is that the pattern that H&dM have used on the stadium's facade, is in fact a kind of logo for Munich,
as you can see all over town and mostly on the Munich Crest (though this is a bit venturing into Angelo territory so I'll leave it to that..)

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