Sunday, February 05, 2006

Holland Days

Around this time last year I was a lot in Holland, finishing off my Blue Wave exhibition at MU, in Eindhoven. For such a small place Eindhoven (which means "End of the Fields") has a number of very cute buildings, starting off from the train station.
The super funny Evoluon, a flying saucer with rotating lights, made in the 60's as a Phillips showroom. And the De Bijenkorf department store whose facade was designed by Gio Ponti. I liked this other building too, but only when its upside-down and reflected in water;
Speaking of water, right next to this building is the Eindhoven City hall, and in the lobby you can still see the main maquette from the Blue Wave. It was too big to travel so we just parked it there, but I wonder if it gets lonely in the lobby, since it was really made for a public space.

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newManifesto said...

lovely i adore the photo with the reflection ... so cool