Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Get a Life

I was so busy deciding what to wear and who to be, that I missed the Lawrence Lessig lecture in Second Life. If you did too, you can read the full transcript here

Oh they even gave away a free t-shirt. G-D-M-it I'd love me some freebies!


newManifesto said...

i got i lifo

Andreas Angelidakis said...

one is never enough :)

Anonymous said...

i return u the visit, eventhough i ve been watching yr blog regularly.
I ve commented already yr commnent on my blog, i repeat that s really funny how NY has become such a cheap destination, we feel so terrible cosmopolitan in remote Greece county side paying for a shot of raki the same that posh bitches pay for daquiri in Manhatan. by the way i love this naotaka hiro (completely unknow to me)