Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Off to Milan


Angelo Plessas said...

what is this? looks so nice-weird

Anonymous said...

both images, the one above the other below, have one common element: they trespass the realm of the coherent or the definitive, thus offering the spectator, the standing figure of the man in the foreground, a full access to the subtle realms of ambiguity, mainly that vast realm of imagination known as 'the world of dreams'.

instinctively i thought of Italo Calvino, the kind of man that posessed the power to transform such stimulating images to enchanting and ingenious fairy tales. simultaneously, i saw this figure of the pensive man as U newandreas.

is it weird, or am i


Anonymous said...

umm I dont know. I had saved this from somewhere, but I know longer remember where I found it. Seems somehow ominous, so I like it

Anonymous said...

you're evasive newandreas, certainly elusive, but without reason, my previous comment now that i look at it again seems to me like a 'σουφλέ' that didn't 'puff' in the oven.

it has been an ominous day today, but i'll give it a try tomorrow.

how's milan?


Anonymous said...

i meant to say 'but not without a reason'

u c

it's on of these days!