Sunday, September 02, 2007

A walk in the park

Finally a day off in Geneva,
glad to be walking around the super lovely Parc des Bastions
where they have wi-fi and the best trees everlike Sequoiadendron Giganteum F. Pendulum
otherwise known as Wellingtonia Pleureur, from California then I was off to Plain Palais, to the Saturday Flea Market
where I obviously found treasures I didn't needand the famous KNIE circus. I don't really know why it's famous but the tent was greatand further down there is a skate park where I witnessed some accidental acrobatics.
Right next to Plain Palais is the MAMCO, where everything seemed to be about interior space, starting from the super funny "apartment" where minimalist works were used to "furnish" an "apartment".
On the other hand the whole thing looked a little bit like Ikea, and I'm not sure if the relationship of Donald Judd, James Turell and Daniel Buren to Ikea was totally within the curators' intentions, but there you have it.on the desk, the best calender by On Kawara
in the permanent collection of Mamco, more interiors like the great piece by Sarkis,
his studio since 19830 (it's art, not reality)
with a piano that melts cassette tape?
In another room, the seminal project by Martin Kippenberger, the MOMAS (Museum of Modern Art Syros) which exists as an unfinish monument to museums on the barren Greek island.and a container-labyrinth by Gordon Matta-Clack which the museum is in the process of buying. Meanwhile somebody scrawled " Nobody is Perfect, My name is Nobody".
I heard a parade and some Swiss Romande hip hop (god have mercy)
so I had to get out of there
on the way back I passed the super cute brutalist UniDufour building, which has been decorated with art on the outside (a piece by Tatsuo Miyajima I think, which I find a little unnecessary , though this blog is really only about things I like, so its ok. At night it's red and you see numbers.

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