Saturday, September 01, 2007

Aldo van Eyck

One of my favorite floor plans ever (this week) is the temporary pavilion by Aldo Van Eyck. I really got into van Eyck this summer because I was re-reading a lot of Charles Jencks (just impulse), and of course Mr Jencks loves Mr van Eyck, though probably not as we want them to love each other but whatever (and also Aldo passed away in 1999). Anyway, I found out that this pavilion, which looks like a really great space to look at art, or even a space that could be art , and was temporary in 1967, was re-built last year for another show, and as usual I didn't read the whole thing so I don't know exactly why, but its kind of disappointing because the place looks so inspiring in a 70's way in the grainy photos from Jencks' book, while in the new photos it looks nice but a little bit like a public toilet, though now that I see this in print maybe thats a good thing in an entirely different way.

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Anonymous said...

HI, I am a second year student of architecture in South Africa , I too enjoy Van Eyck's work especially his seemingly ridiculous comment: "The time has come to concieve of architecture ubanistically and urbanism architecturally(this makes sensible nonsense of both words)"