Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some more destruction

Passing by a second time from the first Athens Biennial, I payed closer attention to some pieces that I missed during the opening. The exhibition was even better the second time around, but this was already last week so I'm a bit bored to wrtite about it. Still I bothered to bootleg a clip from Bernhard Wilhelms voguing national guard, so here's a quick clip:
also Narve Hovdenakk's "Neo-Man"
great Otolith group, though the installation could have been a little bit less ugly
some funny chairs watching Olaf Breuning's great "Home II" video
some blue tubes
AVAF deflated but still one of my favourite pieces, maybe even better in decadent state


Stratos Bacalis said...

Andreas, didn't you think that the Gazi part of the Biennial was in its most part out of context? No destruction and no Athens was present there - or was it too camouflaged for my poor eyes to see? Aggelos' works looks preety interesting though. I hope to see it next time I'm in Athens.

dontneed said...

hi adreas what happens with the image from
"some funny chairs watching Olaf Breuning's great "Home II" video" on the post.
thanks for such a great achive you made.