Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moving/ Modern

some titles from Jenkcs Modern Movements in Architecture
the curazy furniture Frank Lloyd Wright did for Price Tower
Herbert Greene: Prairie House, Norman Ocklahoma
Desert House, Paolo Soleri
(lets get high and listen to death from above?)
the book itself on the bad leopard carpet of some boat or other this summer
(is there bad leopard? of course not)my leopard sock from a few days ago
(yes, I've had LOTS to drink tonight, this will be a post to regret)the corridor at the new Forever Laser, under construction
a detail of the Ilias Lefas furniture, but more on this when I'm sober


Anonymous said...

If I am correct, the "Desert House" by Paolo Soleri you show in this post may actually be the infamous but little-known 1947 "Dome House" in Cave Creek, AZ. I could be mistaken, but I actually visited the Dome House a few years ago on a fairly remote dirt road in Cave Creek, and from what I can recall, your picture is of the same structure. Please inform me if I am mistaken, and if I am correct, I can provide more of the details of my very strange visit to this unique bit of modern American architectural history.

I look forward to your reply.


Andreas Angelidakis said...

Indeed it is in Cave Creek Arizona, even though Jencks calls it "Desert Home" it could very well be Dome House. And I totally want to know more about your visit...