Saturday, December 15, 2007

Terraform House 2+3

Haven't been posting much about Second Life, because I havent been there much. Someone told me that Second Life is now over, and its all about facebook, but you cant build buildings on facebook so what good is that? Anyway I recently went to my First land and tried to re-enact the Terraform House. I bought some nice foldable furniture and started pretending to have diner, and there's propably nothing more boring or pathetic than pretenting to eat diner by yourself in internet suburbia. So I scrammed, and went my other land on Merope island, and re-remade terraform house as a mountain version. At some point some spooky lights appeared, but I'm afraid its a christmas thing. Anyway, at least there's a view

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Rafael Rozendaal said...

so beautiful! (from rafael)

bella world (from chihiro)