Sunday, December 16, 2007

Friends of Kebyar

While researching the Terraform House and looking for (and not finding) stuff on Jacques Couëlle, I found Jacques Gillet and this group of people posing in front of his "Sculpture House".
The group is actually fellows of Friends of Kebyar, a journal on all things architecturally organic (and I might say inspired by Fredrik Kiesler but whatever)
Anyway, enjoy some of the weirdnessBart Prince is great
I feel like I've seen this house by Robert Bruno before,
there's also an extensive website for all you
organic rusted steel metal plate fans out there
Gunther Domenig is here too, though I wouldn't have put him in the same category as everybody else FOK has dedicated an issue to. I do remember seeing a lecture by Domenig in the very early 90s at SciARC, and he showed his house that he has been building forever, a little like Robert Bruno.
had never heard of Anton Alberts
nor Howard Fox, which looks like a wackier Bruce Goff
and is this built or a maquette?
And why isn't Paolo Portoghesi anywhere
to be found on these covers?
I've been meaning to post about PP for ever,
maybe its time

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Stratos Bacalis said...

Thanks for bringing these to our attention! Mind-boggling stuff!