Saturday, January 06, 2007

Random Access Memory: Military boats can be cute

I took these ages ago, on the Intrepid Museum, when I did an inflatable video booth for Vanessa. How cute are these rhomboid details? I guess they paint them white 'cos thats where they tie their ropes when they play WAR. Still all the color coding on the grey background is unexpectedly elegant.
 The intrepid is a boat that has become a museum. Vanessa was doing her VB42 and she asked me to make a reconstruction of a small Navy-Seals museum in Florida, so I decided to make it out inflatable military boat material, so that it would be a mini museum made as a boat based on a museum of boats inside a boat that became a museum.
Later on I reconstructed this reconstruction of a museum as my video room for the Venice Architecture Biennial of 2000.

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