Monday, February 20, 2006


Evdokia (1971) is an awesome film by Alexis Damianos. It's a visual feast of the rapidly changing physical and social landscape of Greece in the 1970's. I just couldnt stop hitting the copy-frame button.


dgalanis said...

a very nice movie though a bit hysterical

Anonymous said...

amazing film, have u seen "mexri to ploio"? I think that if Damianos wasnt Greek he would be considered as a master.
Where did u find the photos?

Andreas Angelidakis said...

Manifesto dont know about hysterical, its more like average greek drama queen, no NT havent seen "Mexri to Ploio" heard its better than "Evdokia".., yeah of course if he wasnt greek etc etc, c'est la vie :)

Andreas Angelidakis said...

oh the photos.. just copied frames from the movie, sooo many good ones