Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Destroy Usefulness

"Anti-Design objects break the magic spell of pure contemplation and visibility to destroy usefulness, even if they use smooth finishes and traditional leather, forcing us passively to experience and mirror various formal approaches ; we do not, in fact, contemplate them voyeuristically or celibately but posses them like lovers!" Ennio Chiggio from "The Rock Furniture: Il Design della Gufram negli anni del Rock" published by Castello di Rivoli.

I saw this show in Spetember 2002 but took so few pictures. The long space (Manica Lunga) of the Castello di Rivoli didnt help much since I think any show there is bound to look a bit weak. Still the book-in-a-brick-wall catalogue is amazing, and I'll post more stuff from it. The Gufram Multipli collection is heaven translated into foam.

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