Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scenes from a Kunsthalle

Somehow this post about the art weekend extravaganza in Athens, when the Art Athina art fair coincided with the opening of the Kunstahalle Athena and the IKT congress, never made to the blog. 
Here are some works and thoughts from everything that happened.

great Anna Boghiguian (Rodeo)

Harris Epaminonda (Rodeo)

a photo and a collage by Shin Takamatsu

"BROKE" Poka Yio (Gazon Rouge)

Miltos Manetas (Vamiali's)


great Dimitra Vamiali (Vamiali's)

Ryan McLaughlin (Gazon Rouge)

and Yorgos Stankopoulos at the booth of Kunsthalle Athena, which was a continuation of the piece he made at K.A., at the exhibition titled The Bar, curated by Marina Fokidis

upon arriving

great Yorgos Sapountzis
Alexander Georgiou

fanzines from the archive of Hercules Renieris

Gert and Uwe Tobias

Angelo Plessas' Towers and Powers

Mathieu Laurette Lets Make Lots of Money

Again Dimitra Vamiali, a set of lamps borrowed from collectors' houses (the collectors choose which lamps to bring)

in the courtyard AIDS 3D

and Joulia's bag supervising the corridor activity

The opening was a complete mob scene, with crowds and crowds of hipsters spilling out on the streets.
Kunsthalle Athena will be open every Thursday over the summer.

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