Saturday, June 12, 2010

Modelos para Armar: Scenes from a Construction

Modelos para Armar is the title of the summer exhibition at MUSAC, in Leon. The exhibition will present sections of MUSAC's Latinamerican collection, curated by Agustin Perez Rubio (Director), Maria-Ines Rodriguez (Chief Curator) and Octavio Zaya (Curator at Large). Angelidakis studio is in change of the space for the exhibition, which, if you follow our work, you might have noticed is an ongoing project of making architecture with exhibition walls. For Modelos, we came up with a series of spaces that relate to statial conditions in Latinamerican architecture and urbanity. Monumental modernity, jungles, favelas and mayan ruins sometimes wrap themselves around specific works, while other times act as connectors and separators between curatorial clusters.
This door will lead to a dark space of precious, deadly objects.

The ellipse will contain images of violence

A jungle of columns

MIR+ Blackberry next to a reading room
one of the tallest exhibition spaces in Europe, will contain the night.

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