Saturday, March 13, 2010

Butch Queen Voguing Fem

or maybe they should make a category "Butch Queen Voguing Art"
Robert Morris is of course the guy who invented Minimalism 
(along with maybe Process art and Earthworks)
Here is pics and a clip from "Site" 1964-1993, a performance by Morris

interpreted by the white hot Andrew Ludke
and Sarah Tomlinson in the role of Olympia

 shot by the great Babette Mangolte

and newly acquired by Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. 

Another version of the performance exists on youtube, 
grainier but somehow less sexy, with Morris and Carolee Schneemann.
I'm always super intrigued by Morris' legendary
and super straight minimalist show 

and the super gay poster for a subsequent show at Castelli-Sonnabend

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