Thursday, April 19, 2007

I need a rest

The last couple of months I've been writing the architecture column in the youth oriented free press Velvet Magazine in Athens. For the second issue I chose my top 10 favourite armchairs, which were not really 10, but here's a few:
totally redefining what you think of blobs, this was an experiment by Gunnar Aagard Andersen, 1964
almost my personal favourite, Capitello by Studio 65, 1961
I've blogged most of these before, but just cant get over the "Tomb for the Living Room" by Alessandro Mendini, 1974

Inspired by all of these I did the Splat! chair, last year in Milan. But here is also some amazing "chairs" that didnt make the article.I just can't remember who did this chair, though I know it's from the broader gufram context. Anybody knows? (It's the Torneraj by Ceretti, Derossi, Rosso - 1968)
yes this is not really a chair, it is a truck but there is a chair on it, and it is kind of the size of a super-sized armchair

oh and a Magritte Rock-chair with another chair sitting on it.

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