Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heading into ShoeTown

A couple of months ago on my Velvet column,
I posted this longtime suppressed childhood obsession: The Shoe House
then browsing a recent copy of the New Yorker I saw this Shoe town cartoon;
And then today another issue, and another architecturally inspiring cartoon: Are we finally heading towards a cartoon architecture? Check out also Angelo's obssesive North Korean monuments


zenovia said...

i could hardly recognize the "μούγερ" house in its 3d version!

the last cartoon really inspiring!
too much of temporary/ nomadic lifestyle makes you wanna rethink/ systematize moving as soon as possible.

sylvia said...

μούγερ! μούγερ! isos to prwto magazi pou ekane tin kardia mou na xtypa pio grigora. kickers and kickers and more kickers!

Andreas Angelidakis said...

Zenob, yes the Mouyer is from the facade of the store..

Sylvia is the you? the real sylvia? I remember similar μουγερ feeling... it was just too exciting

Anonymous said...

Nike hosted the Mr. Shoe Museum exhibition which was held at Nike706 venue in Beijing, China. They had a huge show structure outside.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

hey jocko long time... wow it looks like a show with feet, thats nice in a very confusing way...