Friday, August 11, 2006

Multiple Myconos

My last post got totally lost. I was in the Geneva airport and I bought some internet time (why isnt it free Geneva?) and I was preparing a post about nothing inparticular and then the plane started boarding and my pics were still uploading and then I just had to prioritise. The next morning at 7AM we left for Myconos and been here since. Myconos is a greek island famous for being a famous greek island. It used to be super beautiful, and if you squint you can see traces of that beauty, though most of the island is very constructed. The main consensus is that everybody tries to recreate a kind of island/village architecture with very mixed results. It is most interesting in rich peoples' homes because they use rough materials like huge wodden boards au naturel but then to make it look expensive, everything is totally manicured and basically all varnished with a transparent coat of euros. The result is pure Disneyland, full of extremely artificial looking nature. The rest of the island is full of half finished concrete mini-dominos' that become boring when finished. Still the light and the sea is very pretty blah blah blah and also I got a cold and that's why I'm posting.


Anonymous said...

well they say that the centre of mykonos used to be an architectural miracolo, for ten (or even some more) thousand people made it to live all together in a limited spot of a land. there are three-floor buildings which was totally unusual and hard-to-achieve in antiquity.
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