Monday, August 21, 2006

Island Metabolism

Cant' seem to be able to stop posting these days, probable because I'm finally at an internet connection and also seeing tons of beauty around. Everything seems to be about island architecture, and funny enough the Greek Pavilion at this years' Venice Biennale will be about the Aegean, and even though I'm not at all involved with that, it will be interesting to see what its all about. Right now we're in Paros staying with Eleni and Joanna, and on the way to the so-called gay beach Laggeri (more on this later) we passed by this amazing hotel. Another cosmic coincidence: The Hotel was designed by their dad Makis Kostikas in 1967. It is a rare deviation from the vernacular modernism as established by Aris Konstandinidis, who designed most of the hotels of the period and reigned the island tourist landscape as head architect of the Ministry of Tourism. The Hippocampus Hotel is a kind of Metabolist Greek Island thing, which hints at a possible direction the islands could have gone into: Treated as the supernatural lunar landscape that they really are, and given a heavy dose of Science Fiction Architecture.


Anonymous said...

"Beauty Around"? How can you really fancy these raw concrete-like buildings as beauty? And that hippocampus really gets on my nerves, as do all these small (so-called) "statues" that people scatter around in their gardens. Tottaly unstylish.
Then again what is style? Nature like "Anafi Rocks"...
Greetings from Achaia.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

Hello Achaia
yeah the beauty is like the sky and the sea and the beaches and part of this hotel too. It's not pure beauty though, but propably falls under the "interesting" category. Anafi on the other hand is pure beuaty. And I like concrete because it makes buildings look like rocks.