Monday, July 03, 2006

The New Black for Buildings

So even though the winning projects of this competition have been slowly surfacing in local media, and even though my proposal didnt even register in the first 20, somehow I'm still interested in this project and was happy to work on some additional photorealistic images. Photorealistic is sch a funny term and especially because my whole approach used to be to never ever produce this type of renderings, because I was always trying to make reality look like a computer image, especially in built projects likeTeleportDiner, Pause and Forever Laser. Recently I'm more and more into a kind of "Brutal Surrealism" as Memos Filippidis put it in the review of the New Trends exhibition. So anyway apart from doing more of these images, I thought maybe I'll try another material? Even though I'm knee deep into an exposed concrete fixation, I was curious to see what this apartment complex looked like if it was in white stripes...

or even a kind of classic red brick, which is such a generic material for new construction it's almost interesting and very scary indeed...and then I did a search for a leopard print, because I had a feeling that animal fur might be the new black for buildings, and what luck, I found a rainbow leopard print, so unexpectedly better even though Angelo looked over my shoulder and totally didnt go for it. So these images and many more became a kind of debate between a Brutalist Fantasy and a Flamboyant Reality, and what is building with exposed concrete formwork if not another texture map.

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