Friday, July 07, 2006

Neen Demo at SYNCH

So here's some photos from last nights' Neen Demo at Synch in Benaki Museum, curated by Angelo Plessas. It was a kind of perfect situation where people stayed for a long time lounging on the soft ruin concrete sofa pieces,
you could hear the faint guitar background sounds from Rafael Rozendaals' intersepted by the farting noises which made everybody laugh, Mai Ueda sang her "shower songs" in Greek, people threw Angelo's ballerina up in the air ( and Miltos Manetas' ManInTheDark gave the usual Neen Mystery accident where his man in the dark started duplicating himself until the computer crashed. All this could not be possible without the super crew of the Synch Festival and the tons of super hardware from Multirama.
Pleople spent time on the pillows checking messages, taking photos, clicking and laughing and sleeping and it was all very neen indeed

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