Sunday, November 09, 2014


(20 pics I took 20 years ago that I would have instagramed if there was instagram 20 years ago).”
instagram mini feed, 2014

1994 is a collection of 20 pictures of city scenes taken 20 years ago. They could be described as ancient instagram, because the buildings they show can each be described with 2-3 words, or maybe just an emoticon. They also represent an ancient form of digital photography, as Angelidakis shot these while walking around with an ancient Hi8 video camera, then proceeded to digitally screen capture them with the equally ancient Power Macintosh 8100, his first computer.
Some of these pictures were published the 3rd issue of Purple Fashion magazine in 1996, under the heading Streetstyle. Some others were published in Beige, an architectural theory manifesto about buildings that look like computers. Beige appeared in the 11th issue of Purple Prose (1996), and consisted of photos and text about these computer-like buildings, which were in fact unfinished semi-legal buildings trying to pass as corporate headquarters of family run businesses.
Other photos show a curious half tree – half building, or a concrete module intended for underwater construction but instead abandoned on the side of the road. All the pictures were shot on the streets of Greek cities, where Angelidakis enjoyed drifting looking for readymade architectural objects for his imaginary library of potential buildings.
If Instagram existed 20 years ago, these pictures would never have been printed in magazines, but fed instead to his always hungry instagram feed.



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