Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Collage Career of Stanley Tigerman

(Pensacola Place shopping mall, 1980s)

So I got a nice email from the Graham Foundation about their upcoming Stanley Tigerman tribute. I guess there's been quite a few of those Tigerman tributes recently, though I am always trying to position the work. Post-Modern folly, Avant Garde polemic, early Deconstructivist but also Metabolist, and some curious Architoons (that I almost cant bear to post) and some serious cuteness and some plain weirdness. 
I guess it's a long career but is that too many styles for one person? Or is he the original copy paste tumblerist, the lady gaga of his generation, furiously jumping from reference to quotation, flipping through architectural movements as one really should. 
Eisenmannish grid from the Matrix series
Pre-Sejima minimal cuteness with Daisy House
I mistakenly thought that the facade on the left was the Tigerman one, but in fact it's the one on the right.
The interesting one on the left is Studio Grau, obvs from Strada Novissima Venice

Hans Hollein-ish sinking Mies collage

 Virilioesque and Claude Parent-ish Fonction Oblique from Urban Matrix

upside-down pyramids from the Urban Matrix too, 1960s

  and downright fantastic weirdness 
from his Black Barn renovation

Maybe this drawing explains everything, 
entitled "Career Collage", includes all his work,
though perhaps it should have been called Collage Career instead

(images for this post from the Graham Foundation's press section, from rndrd and Arqueologia del Futuro

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