Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Building Number Three: Pavilion for the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Here's some images from the just installed 
(and soon to be de-installed ) pavilion for the Ministry of Culture,
at the Thessaloniki International Expo
by Angelidakis, Argyropoulou + Mr Tzirtzilakis
Looking at all the other hyper-polished booths and pavilions, 
and with an eye firmly fixed on Greece's overall budget (as a country),
we decided to bypass any gloss, and just use stuff we found and stuff we will re-use.

We combined booths, to hint to the upcoming changes,
as planned by the Ministry: The Tourism booth was housed together with Young Greek Designers

vintage artist posters together with Campana Workshop chairs 
and Greece is for Lovers fantasmagoria

Bureau of Antiquities got a series of Mock Ups (recently reclaimed pieces)
mixed with official reproductions
: Copyville
Cinema cluster was a Tetris Mountain with five screens

Television Mountain, dirt from the Thessaloniki subway excavation, 
and reclaimed monitors looping the National TV archive.

Observation tower + Book Tetris Mountain
panoramic archipelago of department islands

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