Monday, March 16, 2009

Last week in New York

we enjoyed passing by the Morgan Library every day
( I thought it was a 60's building until I learned it's a Renzo Piano from the 2000s)
saw John Armleder glitter drips
Angelo's International Portrait Gallery
a collection of photos of stuff that looks like faces
and neons of faces that look like stuff
plastic fire at the Armory
great Derek Jarman at X (ex Dia)
Adrian Williams great rehearsal performance at the Art Production Fund Lab,
curated by Cay-Sophie Rabinowitz
the white education space at the New Museum
funny Olaf Breuning sculpture
a girl sitting on a golden lion
great John Gerrard at Simon Preston
a cute pink and black building
mirror and plywood shoe display at Project 8
where Angelo tried on some plants
photocopy neoclassicism
fire door window door at Reena Spaulings
rotating face spiritual healing
yellow black under construction
chef reflection
some more yellow black, and it looks like its gonna be less interesting when its built
the building with the worse reviews in NY, suddenly looks cute in the fuzzy weather
another Monet
(looks good from far away but up close its a mess)
great AVAF wool and neon at Modern Restaurant
awesome Kippenberger at MOMA
the Dreamland show at Moma, with unpublished Hans Rucker co. collages
(and there is no catalogue!)
and funny interesting SOM
one of my favorite chairs, Libro by GRUPPO DAM
melting Oldenburg soft ice cream
Yves Tanguy obsession
Thomas Hirshhorn at Gladstone
a universal gym
with sunset posters,
great way to say goodbye


Jen said...

Hello! Sorry, this is not about this recent NY post, but about a post of yours from 2006, which I just ran into, about Apartamentos Fantasmas in you have any other information about it, where it is, etc? I'd like to see if I can shoot a video there.......any info would be so fantastic, thanks so much!

Andreas Angelidakis said...

Hey, I dont know much, but there is a Google Earth link in the post, so there you have the exact location