Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Venice Biennial

Here's some snaps from Venice Architecture Biennial,
though everything is already on every blog in every country
and everybody has already seen everything...

Always interesting NL Architects
Junya Ishigami rocked the Japanese pavilion with pencil drawings on the walls
and ikebana wonderland outside
elsewhere an interesting tree house
hot guy part of Philippe Rahm installation
cool Jon Utzon models in a parallel event
more Utzon
amazing R&Sie modelsnicely installed German pavilionfabulous wig model by Cloud9,
though the hair is really supposed to be waves
cut-up kids toys make intriguing furniture by Greg Lynn
cruising scene from the Swiss pavilion
with McDonald arches and ground made from white dantelle
after the party Belgium, silver walls and confetti
I think this was from Chile,
but i'm not sure how they meant it or what it is.
But I hope it is indeed a house inside a sea shell...
and another

a fat little weirdo from Russia

and finally the Koolhaas video that escaped from the last post..

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sylvia said...

I want to live in the oyster house...! Like in the Alice in Wonderland.. Remember the little oysters???